« The star of the evening was without a doubt Marco Parisotto…inspired, passionate and in a virtual state of grace, impressing a supreme flow and agility to this extremely challenging opera [Puccini’s Turandot]. From the very first notes, the music made a vehement, vigorous and emotional statement emanating from the masterly baton of an illuminated being. The communication between Parisotto and his instrument was impressive. Great triumph! »

• Opera World

« Place des Arts’ Wilfrid-Pelletier Hall is full, Marco Parisotto steps onto the podium and the enchantment commences… What a musician! Under his baton, Haydn found all the verve and humour one could hope for…he made the Montreal Symphony Orchestra sound like a marvel.
…In Francesca da Rimini Marco Parisotto’s formidable musical power radiated, revealing the mastery of this score to the audience. The infernal and menacing dissonances, the demonic syncopations, all were rendered with a fearsome energy and evocative force which literally left one shaking… To hear him efficiently animate this sonic canvas with all its warm or harsh colours was electrifying… What a performance! Better yet, this is the signature of an artist who stands among the greatest. »

• Le Devoir

« In my long career I’ve heard The Rite of Spring at least 50 times with most of the major orchestras and conductors. Starting with Pierre Monteux[…] Karajan, Boulez, Bernstein[…] Well! Marco Parisotto held me spellbound from one end to the other. He succeeded in realizing a performance that was masterful both musically and technically… It was indeed a commanding Rite[…] »
• Le Droit

« This young conductor belongs
to the greatest.
Not since the debuts of Chailly and
Rattle have I been so impressed.»
• Le Droit

« …Marco Parisotto could take on the world… I heard Parisotto lead this ensemble [Ontario Philharmonic] last Saturday at Koerner Hall. To say I was surprised is putting it mildly.
Everything about Parisotto’s exacting and fluid style on the podium suggested a major international talent. »

• Montreal Gazette

« Outstanding…!
Parisotto´s [presence on the podium] confirmed that his recent appointment as Music Director of the Jalisco Philharmonic was the perfect decision, and that the ensemble has achieved an extraordinary sound: the best, perhaps, in the last 50 years. »

• El Informador

« Amidst this exciting pillar of sound growing constantly, stands Marco Parisotto. Under his control, directing the orchestra with the greatest finesse, like an architect he gives precise instructions that develop into a majestic edifice of sound… He ingeniously manages the full spectrum of colors of his orchestra [Jalisco Philharmonic]… This conductor demonstrates…all the spectrum of this wonderful Art… We hope that this fantastic orchestra with this dynamic conductor will visit our German concert halls more frequently, bringing with them their style of spicy and fiery music-making.»

• Klassik Begeistert, Raphael Eckardt

« …Marco Parisotto’s very dynamic conducting clearly stimulates the musicians and inspires the audience. His innate sense of rhythm was manifested right from the start of the Glinka [Ruslan and Ludmila] beginning the concert with striking effect… Swan Lake was tackled with such voluptuousness and drama that one got the impression that the actual ballet was emerging right before ones eyes.»

• La Presse

« …Another 150th Anniversary resulted in the best symphonic concert of 2014 [in all of Mexico] and it was the homage to Richard Strauss with which the Orquesta Filarmonica de Jalisco closed its annual season. With imagination and determination, Marco Parisotto has brought the orchestra to an astounding level of excellence. »

• Reforma

« I can’t even begin to count the number of recordings of the work [Petrushka] I’ve heard, but nothing came even close to the transparency and vivid coloration of conductor Marco Parisotto’s and the orchestra’s collaboration. »

• Classical New Jersey Society

« …Performing at Mexico City’s Bellas Artes Palace with an all-Beethoven program, the Orquesta Filarmonica de Jalisco and Music Director, Maestro Marco Parisotto, gave a lesson in how an orchestra should sound. Without a doubt this is the indisputable merit of the Maestro Parisotto… With certainty, I can state that the Jalisco audience should not only feel proud of its orchestra but also claim it as the leading orchestra of our nation… And all of this thanks to Maestro Marco Parisotto who has placed his musicians on a pedestal that perhaps not even they had ever dreamt of. »

• Critica Musical En Mexico

« The standing ovation that followed [Mahler’s 2nd Symphony] was one of the most prolonged and enthusiastic that the Jalisco Philharmonic has ever enjoyed at Teatro Degollado… Marco Parisotto’s use of the baton was as though a paintbrush tracing a harmonic mosaic. »
• Opera World

« This magnificent concert opens with high-voltage on stage…Marco Parisotto possesses the charisma to generate the most explosive as well as refined sounds from the orchestra. The First Symphony [Shostokovich] was revealed with an intense lyricism and moments of great jubilation. An unforgettable concert… »

• Le Sud-Ouest

« …both soloists [Igor and Valeri Oistrakh] were greatly assisted by extremely supportive playing from the Philharmonia Orchestra under Marco Parisotto. »

• The Strad

« The orchestra’s role was realized by an exceptional conductor, Marco Parisotto, who managed to bring the orchestra out of the pit which definitely it deserves and made it the main protagonist on the stage. His role in putting together all the different elements of the performance was extraordinary. »

• Politika, Belgrade

« This work [Mahler’s 5th Symphony] requires a brilliant orchestra and an exceptional baton. From the podium, Marco Parisotto’s performance was out of this world. His was a profound rendition. His masterly approach of sound and intensity at every moment projected his deep understanding of the score to the ensemble and audience, which celebrated the evening with a monster ovation. »

• El Informador

« The performance [with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra] was remarkable. The symphony [Schumann 2nd] had a dramatic intensity and an aura of anguish which was aptly Schumannesque. The Scherzo was lively and sparkling, the Adagio sublimely expressive and the clearly defined tempo and balance in the Finale allowed for admirable control of all its contrapuntal intricacies. The audience responded with a monster ovation. »

• La Presse